Sunday, June 28, 2009

Witnessing a Miracle

Witnessing a Miracle

October 6, 2006 would be the last day of life for Charles Roberts. On this fateful day the 32 year old milk tank truck driver from central Pennsylvania would take his own life. Charles grew up in a good Lutheran home. Having been home-schooled, he never attended public schools. His mother worked for a Christian theater and his father was retired. Charles was married with two children.

At 10:00 am on that horrible day, Charles carried three guns and 600 rounds of ammunition with him into a small, white school house in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania. He released all the males and kept ten females hostage. When it was all done, he had killed 5 young girls and then himself. The Roberts family was mystified and devastated when informed that their son had committed such a heinous crime.

There lived in that community an older Amish man named Enos Miller. Enos was the grandfather of two sisters who were murdered that day. He was there with them as they drew their last breath. The Miller family felt the full weight of sorrow crushing their grieving hearts.

Later that evening something happened that astonished the watching world. At 9:00 PM there was a knock at the door of the Roberts home. There in the doorway stood Enos Miller. He said that he had forgiveness "in my heart" and "through God's help" I have come to offer forgiveness to your faimly.This sort of human behavior seems beyond possibility. Forgiveness under such circumstances is often expressed by the Christian because it is "no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me." "Those who forgive are forgiven and the forgiven are forgiving"

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