Saturday, June 13, 2009

Swine Foo

Swine Foo

I can understand why some are so skeptical of the swine flu. For one thing, people are questioning the credibility of our ‘state run’ media. Ratings are in the tank. The bias of the media was so obvious and evident after our last election that they may never regain our trust. Today’s media is so ‘in bed’ with the present administration it is necessary to go to alternative sources for information. Truthful and accurate information is nearly impossible to find.

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared recently that the Swine Flu has reached pandemic proportions. But, there are red flags a-flying. The first red flag: WHO is a branch of the liberal, America hating, United Nations. It’s so strange that this American bashing institution is funded mostly by the country it opposes most. Why do we host an address for the United Nations when it is so blatantly anti-American?

More red flags: The world population is approximately 7 billion. The total of those who have died of swine flu is a miniscule 144. About 70% of these deaths occurred in Mexico. New cases of swine flu are declining in the United States and Mexico. Nearly 500,000 people died last year from normal flu. Why does 144 deaths equal a pandemic and 500,000 is normal and nothing to get worked up about??

Just how accurate are the diagnosis and reports being submitted by various countries?

There is always a money factor. The fear mongering will certainly make someone a lot of money. WHO will now recommend pharmaceutical companies like GlaxoSmithKline PLC to mass produce vaccinations? How much money does a drug company make when asked by the United Nations to produce hundreds of millions of vaccines? WHO was pressured by several companies to declare a pandemic in May. WHO resisted in fear that it would cause widespread panic. They even agreed to redefine a pandemic in order NOT to have to declare one.

Are we skeptical? You bet. So much U.N. corruption, so many political aspirants, and vague definitions…why should we take this seriously?? kpprobst

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