Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pittsburgh Steeler Trivia

Pittsburgh Steeler Trivia

By Kevin Probst

Having grown up in western Pennsylvania I’ve been a Steeler fan since my mother changed my first diaper. I loved the rivalry the Steelers had with Oakland during my youth. I still love to watch replays of Franco Harris’ Emmaculate Reception. I thought Chuck Noll was the best coach ever. I thought Lynn Swann was magical when he soared skyward for a reception. Terry Bradshaw seemed to be the ‘Pete Rose’ of football and loyal fans formed “Bradshaw’s Brigade”. Not the greatest talent but definitely the biggest heart. And I think Ben Roethlisberger might be remembered the same way. We were all so proud of the team “The Chief”, Art Rooney had put together and true fans seemed to be unaffected by near zero temperatures in the “Blast Furnace”, Three Rivers Stadium. Fans waved their “Terrible Towels” and bellowed “Here We Go Steelers”. What few people realize is that the proceeds from the Terrible Towels, over $2.5 million since 1996, go to Alleghany Valley School which serves nearly 1,000 children with special needs.

The logo of the Pittsburgh Steelers was adopted in 1962. Many may not realize the meaning of the symbols on the logo. The logo consists of an encirclement of three astroids (I guess the mathematical term is hypocycloid) with the word ‘Steelers’. The astroids consist of three colors: yellow represents steel, red stands for iron ore and blue symbolizes scrap steel. The motto attached to the symbol is: “Steel lightens your work, brightens your leisure, and widens your world.”

On February 6 all eyes of the Steeler Nation will be directed toward Dallas in hopes of winning a record 7th Super Bowl. Some of the more notable fans who will be watching include: Rush Limbaugh, Hank Williams Jr., Charlie Daniels, Michael Keaton, Adam Sandler, Snoop Dog, Seth Myers, Jim Furyk, John Grisham, and Burt Reynolds.

What they said:

“Now that I’m here, I don’t want to just be here, I want to be here for a long time.” Hines Ward, 1998 4th round draft pick.

“Chuck and I hit it off the first day we met. We had an argument.” Art Rooney

“I am very aggressive and very physical. On the field I guess I am just plain mean.” Jack Lambert.

“He had no teeth, and he was slobbering all over himself. I’m thinking, ‘You can have your money back, just get me out of here. Let me go be an accountant.” I can’t tell you how badly I wanted out of there.” Denver rookie QB John Elway, on Jack Lambert, after playing his first game as a pro in 1883.

“The Steelers drafted guys who were bigger, stronger and faster than I, but they never found one who could take my job away from me.” Jack Lambert

Kevin Probst - Is a teacher of Apologetics and History at Calvary Christian School and Associate Pastor of Crosspointe Nazarene Church church in Columbus, Georgia.

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