Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just Three of the Reasons We Homeschool our Son...

Homeschooling is not for everyone but its working out very well for us.  Our five year old son is enjoying opportunities to develop his creativity.  His masculine need for activity is not stifled by a seven hour sit in a little chair and an afternoon nap on a futon.  He works at his own pace and gets loads of individual attention from his mother who is the primary instructor.  He is bonding with his family and he gets plenty of socialization opportunity through church, soccer, extended family and friends.  He is 'miles' ahead of most of his peers in reading and mathmatical skills.  As a family we have had to make serious sacrifices in order to homeschool but in the long run the benefits have far outweighed the inconveniences.

Kevin Probst - Is a teacher of Apologetics and History at Calvary Christian School and Associate Pastor of Crosspointe Nazarene Church church in Columbus, Georgia.

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  1. Believe it or not, we are praying about sending them back to school. Not public school. . .no way, but actually Calvary. We don't know if we can afford it, but they are getting close to Junior High age. With Michael having Dyslexia, I have looked into what Calvary has to offer. Thankfully we have time to decide, and they may or may not end up going back. We love home schooling them, but I am feeling a tug on my heart that now might be the right time.