Thursday, September 2, 2010

An Opinion I'll Keep to Myself

An opinion I'll keep to myself

I wanted to write an opinion about an issue that is mystifying to me. Why do African- Americans strongly support a president who opposes the values they treasure most? African-Americans favor school choice but Obama eliminated the D.C. voucher program at the expense of thousands of black school children in Washington, D.C. Most African-Americans oppose gay marriage but Obama has bent over backwards to appease those in the homosexual movement. Most African-Americans oppose illegal immigration because It only exacerbates the unemployment problem of the black community yet Obama refuses to address that issue for fear of losing future democratic votes. African Americans have been victimized by abortion (50% of African-American babies are aborted: yet they voted for the most pro-abortion candidate in history.

I have chosen not to write my opinion regarding answers to the previous questions. The culture in which I live prohibits me from doing so lest I be misinterpreted as a racist or bigot. ( I'm white). I may not have the correct answers to the questions listed above but I know the answer to this question: "Who will Obama throw under the bus?" Answer: "Absolutely anyone!"

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