Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I felt like weeping...

I felt like weeping…

Did you wake up the Monday morning after Obamacare was passed with an empty feeling in your gut. Did you feel like your country may never be quite the same? I remembered the crying Indian picture from years ago. A tear trickled down his cheek as he looked out over the destruction of his land. That’s how I felt on Monday morning, maybe its how you felt too.

My ancestors approached Philadelphia on a ship in 1732 with their hearts bursting with hope. It seems surreal to me that my country is now very much like the country they were fleeing. We call ourselves a Representative Democracy. 70% of Americans disprove of healthcare. In what way are our Congressmen representing the will of the people? They are no longer responsive the people. They have no qualms about trampling the Constitution. Individualism is despised. The will of the majority is trampled by a government too eager to respond to the sniffles of a whiney minority.

I feel a pain similar to the Indian’s when I see the hurt in the eyes of our friends and loyal allies. Britain and Israel are despised while Castro and Hugo Chavez are embraced. I wonder why we refuse to harvest the natural resources God has blessed us with? I remember Ronald Reagan’s warning about the enlargement of government and wonder how our representatives have let our government reach behemoth size?

I tell my students that they are witnessing the demise of western civilization. That the greatest country on earth is rambling toward bankruptcy and unless we make some drastic changes we will no longer be king of the hill. I tell them that it is unlikely they will experience the same standard of living that their parents experienced and they look at me with blank stares.

It’s troubling when I ask them if their families are discussing the healthcare bill and many say there is no talk of it at home. Somer hardly see their parents. Everyone is so busy or so preoccupied watching American Idol or Dancing with the Stars. The masses are bound by a cord of ignorance or they are so busy seeking entertainment that they have no idea what is happening to their country.

I feel like weeping when I see the backroom, cigar smoking thugs wheeling and dealing for the soul of America. They don’t do this secretly, they do this out in the open. It is “in your face” politics; raw, blatant, immoral and unethical.

We will remember being the wealthiest nation in the history of the world. Then we put the lower class back on the plantation with a entitlement mentality spawned by Johnson’s war on poverty. We will now add the middle class to the plantation population by offering them the entitlement drug. Why are a people so easily deceived. Do they think the liberals are providing healthcare for them because they love them? Do they not realize this is all about power? It’s about controlling the masses. They have taken over the banks, then the automotive industry, then the health care industry. What happened to free enterprise? If we could see under their sleeves we would see the word ‘socialism’ tattooed on their forearms.

Repeal the law? Not likely. Find me an entitlement program that the Republicans have ever been able to repeal. It’s like giving candy to a baby and snatching it away. They will never allow it. The states will overturn it? Not likely. The states are lackeys to the federal government, utterly dependent on federal money for roads, schools, etc. Resisting the federal government would require a cold turkey withdrawal from the drug they are so dependent on. The Supreme Court will overturn it? Not likely. If it ever does reach the Supreme Court it will likely be majority liberal by that time.

Does it make you feel like weeping? It makes me feel like it.


  1. I surely hope they will be able to repeal this. I do not want the government to run health care, because like everything else the government touches it will start falling apart and the one thing we all need is a well trusted doctor to take care of us when we are sick. With this bill we loose everything and health care will be worse than ever before. I think they should have left health care alone, "If it's not broken, don't try to fix it."

  2. I disagree with the comment above. Just because something doesnt effect you doesn't mean its not broken. There are millions of americans without health insurance. I dont think we should automatically go into a stereotype and think they arent working. There are people who just have crappy situations in life. We have to realize we're blessed and help the people around us. While I havent read the bill myself, I do see the aftermath. People should stop griping just because the bill was past and it wasn't their majority. Has anyone looked to see the good in the bill? It can't be all bad because then no one would have signed it, including the small percentage who actually did their job and read it. Also the government is actually the reason we are all still living in america. Safety, education, and generally the things of our american life we take for granted. They do alot for us and they deserve our support and if we object to the bill, then okay. But if we do we need to come up with a better plan as well.

  3. I am speechless, I would respond but there is nothing i can say.

    Justin Moss

  4. While I do think that we need to provide a way to help people with pre-existing conditions, i do not think that we need to give 1/6 of our economy to our corrupt government. this bill should be repealled and a more constitutional one should be drafted.

  5. Madison MontgomeryMarch 31, 2010 at 8:37 PM

    When I found out the healthcare bill was passed, I was very dissapointed and mad. The parts of the bill that have been presented to me I highly disagree with. I do not understand how the bill passed if 70% of Americans disapprove of it.