Sunday, March 21, 2010

Did They Do Their Homework?

Did They Do Their Homework?

Anytime I make a big decision, especially if it concerns large amounts of money, I try to do exhaustive research to make sure I get the best deal. It might take twelve months to buy a house. Buying a car requires several months. I can’t think of a more important decision an American can make than voting for the man who would lead them for a four year block. I’m wondering, those who voted for Barack Obama, did they do their homework? Did they do any research at all before making such a momentous decision?

Sex education in public schools has become a major issue in our culture. President Bush designated a significant sum of federal money toward abstinence based educational programs. If you voted for Obama you voted against abstinence based sex educating. The Obama administration eliminated $150 million in funding for abstinence based education. Instead, they have committed $183 million to a new program called Pregnancy Prevention Initiative. The idea is to fund only programs that are proven to be effective through scientific research.

Is there any scientific evidence that abstinence sex education works? A study published in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine (Vol. 164 No. 2, February, 2010) shows that 33% of Middle School students chosen for abstinence education became sexually active within two years. Nearly 52% of those attending safe sex programs became sexually active. The conclusion of the study: Abstinence only interventions are effective in preventing adolescent sexual involvement. Obama promised over and over during his campaign that his policies would be based on scientific research and facts. Abstinence program had the highest success rate among all sex education programs for youth. Why is Obama’s administration eliminating a program that is scientifically proven? Why is he willing to put our children at risk?

Dr. Eckman, President of Grace University, “As our dysfunctional culture ignores God’s boundaries for sexual activity, there will be tragic consequences. For that reason there will be sexually transmitted diseases, there are teen pregnancies. It is the children that are born to such pregnancies that will suffer the most.” The only hope for behavioral change is not the Congress, it’s not passing new laws, it is the unmerited grace of God that can change the deprived heart of men.

If you voted for Barack Obama you voted against vouchers for public education. Students enrolled in the Washington D.C. vouchers program advanced significantly beyond their public school peers. Over 70% of D.C. residents approved of the program. You would think that Obama would enthusiastically support such a program because he benefited from similar programs as he advanced up the ladder. Why would Obama not support such a program that presents itself as an alternative to public education. Does he not send his daughters to one of the most prestigious private schools in the country?

Obama cut federal funds for the D.C. voucher program. It just doesn’t seem to make any sense unless you look at the National Education Association (NEA), one of the most liberal and strongest supporting unions of Obama and his liberal policies. The funds were refused because the NEA sent orders to Obama. Obama put politics above the welfare of the children living in his own community. There is scientific evidence that voucher programs educate more efficiently than government run schools.

If you voted for Obama you probably feel less secure since he took office. Obama has sent a clear message to terrorists that if they launch an attack on U.S. citizens they will not be water-boarded. He has sent a message that some terrorist may qualify to be tried under U.S. law as if they were U.S. citizens rather than in a military tribunal. Those who have attacked the U.S. have committed an act of war. They are not criminals who have violated some federal law, they are war criminals who have no rights to the privileges of U.S. law. Obama allowed his Attorney General, Eric Holder, to treat terrorism as a law enforcement issue rather than a national security issue.

Obama’s group from Chicago are amateur, they are fumbling the ball on terrorism, on sex education, on vouchers, on healthcare, on foreign policy. They have demonstrated over and over a very poor judgment on issues that will have life and death consequences for many Americans.

Its obvious Americans didn't do their homework before the last election. There is still time to get it done before we vote again in 2012.

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  1. Trusting a blind, unresearched choice from the word of people I don't know to do what's best for me. yeah. thats the American way.