Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mirror, mirror, on the wall.....

Mirror, mirror, on the wall….

     Mirror, mirror, on the wall….

      Narcissus’ total obsession with himself was the eventual cause of his self-destruction.  This self-absorption is the primary characteristic of the prevailing worldview in the western world.  The intense focus on self causes us to lose touch with the actual reality around us.  Instead of looking for the truth behind observable reality, we look for truth within ourselves.  It’s like trying to fix a blemish on our face by applying the solution to the image we are seeing in the mirror. 

The world around us, the external reality, becomes a reflection instead of a reality.  We use reality in an attempt to define who we are.  Reality’s profound truth is diminished to a self-serving tool to help us discover ourselves.  Clothing no longer is used to keep us warm or to provide us with covering so much as it is used to define who we are.  We become what we wear.  The car we drive is no longer simply a means of transportation, it defines us.  Our relationships are no longer about others. Rather, they are all about us, about me.  We define ourselves by living through the one we are dating or are married to.  Thus, the real becomes an image to gives us back reflections of ourselves.

When truth and substance are no longer elements of reality, reality becomes simply a mirror and we pervert it to try to force it to tell us we are “fairer than them all”.

In these modern times, our ‘self’ is totally dependent upon our circumstances.  We look to others and to stuff to reflect back to us an image of who we are.  But, were we not all born in the image of God?  Our only hope of actually knowing self is to look to Christ for an accurate reflection of who we are.  When we see the reality of our sinfulness against his holiness it is most sobering and causes many to seek repentance from the sin that has caused such darkness to take abode in the deeper parts of the soul.  

Kevin Probst - Teaches History, Government and Apologetics at the high school level in Columbus Georgia.

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