Monday, June 11, 2012

Election 2012: Change Tracks Or Wreck The Train?

The future of our country may very well pivot on the election in November.  Many believe if we don’t change course a derailment is imminent and a train wreck is unavoidable.  We have but few options to avoid catastrophe.  

If you are a tax payer, you owe the federal government $1 million.  Our government has squandered the wealth of our nation as the national debt approaches $16 Trillion.  It feels like we are bobbing our way down the river toward socialism and perhaps even dictatorship.  Our first president, George Washington, demonstrated his humility by refusing the title of ‘king’.  Barack Obama may not have the title, but he certainly acts as if he is a king ruling over his subjects rather than a president answering to his people.

The economic survival of our nation is at risk.  Unemployment and foreclosure of homes has sent many families into a state of economic desperation.  Hope is like a ship drifting out to sea and the change we’ve experienced is nothing like those American voters envisioned when they cast their votes for Obama in 2008.

Absurdities abound!  The American government has been spending like a middle school teen armed with mom’s credit card in the world’s largest mall. Our juvenile acting congressmen have failed to balance the budget for three consecutive years.  All the talk of cutting spending goes in one American ear and out the other because sensible Americans realize that spending cannot be cut without a budget.

The U.S. economy looks like a train wreck.  Americans are worried, they are very worried.  Friday’s check is buying less and less.  Our government must borrow money to pay interest on the money they’ve already borrowed.  Surely, Americans will go to the polls in November screaming for the insanity to stop.  The message of ‘hope and change’ is the right message but Americans are weary of hearing cheap talk from egotistical politicians.  Americas want the real deal.
How often have you heard, “I voted for Obama last time but…”?  This year’s election will differ from the election of 2008 in that Democrats won't be able to play the race card in November: 'You are a racist if you don't vote for our guy".  If whites couldn't find reason to vote against Obama in 2008, there is plenty of reason to vote against him in 2012, and race has nothing to do with it. Of course, the election will swing on the economy.  Predictably, Obama will continue to blame any other living soul for this nation’s poor economic performance while denying that he and his administration now must claim ownership of this economy. Unfortunately, the Republicans seem to be running on a simple platform slogan of ‘Beat Obama’ and their economic plan to save the economy provides little substance revealing a dangerous attitude that says, “We’ll cross that bridge when we get there, let’s just win the election first.”

The college kids were disillusioned by the thrill of making history when they voted for the first black president.  They bought into the idea that the wounds of racism in the U.S. would be healed by the young ‘messianic’ politician from Chicago.  Four years later, those young men and women have graduated from college, they have their degree but they’ve gone home to live with mom and dad because they can’t get a job.
They now see anything but a messiah.  They see a president who shoved his healthcare plan down the throats of unwilling Americans.  They see a president who, unlike Reagan, sees big government as a solution rather than a problem.  Many previous supporters will choose to vote against a president who has overseen the theft of economic security from future generations.  This young generation now sees The Great American dream setting like a sun about to dip below the horizon leaving a dark emptiness American’s are unfamiliar with.

Former supporters are beginning to see a vote for Obama as a vote to continue our slippery slide toward socialism and irresponsible government.  If they were motivated by hope in 2008, they will surely be motivated by fear in 2012.  They are asking themselves “Can this country survive another four year term of Obama’s smoke-filled, backroom politics?”  In less than four years, the Obama generation has morphed into the debt generation and those who are awake and alert think it is unfair that they are being forced to carry that pile of rocks on their back.

America is in desperate need of a great president, but this country needs more than that.  Many would question if America is in serious decline.  Are we witnessing the demise of a nation blessed with wealth and power and influence as no other country has been blessed in all of history? Is the great American experiment in democracy about to end….in failure? 
A serious student of world history will observe that countries and empires have come and gone throughout the ages.  No empire exists indefinitely.  Eternality belongs to God alone?  The fall of this great country cannot be avoided, but it can be delayed. 

Our problems are not just economical.  Our government is faltering in corruption and dishonesty.  Our society seems to be imploding right before our very eyes.  The influential cultural icons that have tremendous influence on our youth are unabashedly shaking their fist in the face of God and blasphemously denying his existence and even promoting a spirit of anti-Christ.  It is as if we have discovered that Christ will carry a great load of patience and long-suffering so we are now piling on to see just how much he can carry.

We can only label some of the things we are observing as nothing less than demonic.  The murder of 50 million unborn, the shocking incidents of cannibalism and a rural population losing their minds on meth are signs of societal implosion.  We have become a nation of zombies, hypnotized by our technological toys.  We are fleeing the doors of the church and avoiding the relationship we might have with God, a relationship purchased by the blood of his only begotten Son. 

Is there a judgment coming?  Of course there is.  Many believe that the economic failure and social implosion is indeed God’s judgment on a nation that has turned its face from him.  A holy and just God ceases to be God if he allows a defiant people to push him into a canyon of disbelief.   What can we do?  Options are limited.  We must either; humble ourselves, seek the face of God and repent of our sins or God must be true to his nature and bring his judgment on a nation that no longer has a fearful respect for The Almighty.

2 Chronicles 7:14   “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

Kevin Probst - Teaches History, Government and Apologetics at the high school level in Columbus Georgia.


  1. It's obvious that you are a crusader against Obama. What you fail to include is evidence that the republicans have taken us down this path. The last budget surplus in this country was under a democratic president (Clinton). This was before the Bush tax cuts were to be the saving of the country. All those Bush tax cuts have accomplished is for the wealthy to become more wealthy and the average American to become worse off than they were previously. Greed by rich politicians (democrats and republicans) and their wealthy supporters is what is hurting this county. Greed stimulated by unregulated wall st and spurred by the fact that capital gains are taxed so low have caused the buying of congress members who support those policies. I used to be a republican but the republicans currently seem to support through their policies only the rich and confuse many Americans with their seemingly good moral policies. Many Americans vote for their moral stances all the while being led to their economic slaughter because they haven't learned that those that have been given much have a higher responsibility to better our nation.

  2. I certainly agree with you about greed being the root cause of all our problems. I am a crusader against Obama especially when it comes to the social and moral issues. But, I am much disturbed at the inability of both parties to lay aside their greed and power-mongering for the good of the country. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Kevin is right on! This nation will either return to the values that made us great or be destroyed. Those who want to play the blame game are only fooling themselves. This nation does not have time to engage in frivolous arguments. I have been saying for for the last 20 years the difference between Republicans and Democrats is like comparing Jim Beam and Jack Daniels whiskey. Different flavor...same result.
    Al Hauff