Thursday, November 17, 2011

What Went Wrong at Penn State?

The wisest man to have ever lived penned it well in Proverbs 14:12. "There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death." The alleged incident at Penn State is reprehensible. Not only are many questioning how such a thing could happen but why was it happening over such a long period of time. It may be a mystery to some but there is an explanation.

We no longer allow God to decide what is and is not sin. We've taken that unpleasant responsibility upon ourselves. God made clear what sexual behaviors were sinful: adultery, fornication, shacking up or hooking up for casual sex. God addresses homosexual behavior in Deuteronomy 18 and declares it an abomination to his holy nature. This fact is reiterated in the New Testament. (Romans 1)

In the 1970's the American Psychological Association elevated itself to God-status. They declared that homosexuality is not deviant behavior, it is an identity. American culture embraced this announcement and proceeded to do what was right in their own eyes rather than pursue the righteousness of God. In fact, our society carried it a step further by announcing a new sin. That sin would be labeled homophobia and anyone who opposed the "alternative lifestyle" of homosexuals will be sentenced to being ostracized.

What happened at Penn State was a result of the moral depravity of man. Being homosexual is now considered a virtue, especially in the university environment. What could possibly be wrong with introducing young boys to such a lifestyle? "You have eyes! Can you not see? You have ears! Can you not hear?" (Mark 8:18) This soul diseased by sin affects our ability to accurately perceive truth. We have eyes but we can't see. We have ears but we can't hear. We are blind and deaf to divine truth. When that truth gets to near to our hearts it cuts like a sword and so, to avoid the pain and guilt, we search for another 'truth' from another source.

Our drift from moral truth is causing mass confusion among our youth. Our children are taught how to use condoms in school while their mothers are telling them to abstain from sexual activity. Our public schools are teaching young children that homosexual behavior is normal, even preferred. Very young children are being taught how to engage in homosexual activities. When a man demonstrates this behavior in a shower at a state university there is an explosion of outrage. This outrage is justified but why is it delayed? Why are we not outraged that this sort of behavior is being promoted to our innocent children by a corrupted public school system? The moral outrage concerning the behavior of a depraved coach at Penn State is directed at a symptom of a much greater, more devastating disease that is pandemic throughout America.

Our society is being demoralized. More than 200 women kill their own children in the United States every year. One of the leading causes of death for children under the age of four is homicide. Three to five children are murdered by their parents daily. Who could ever forget the horrible murder committed by Andrea Yates as she systematically drowned her five children in a bath tub? In 1996, Susan Eubanks murdered her four sons in San Marcos, California. The word sin has been eliminated from our thought and vocabulary and it has been replaced with the word 'sickness'. Why are mothers killing their children? Is it because they are morally confused? They have eyes but they can't see.

This generation of young mothers fails to value the sanctity of life. They have been taught that if having a child in the womb is inconvenient it can be eliminated. This is morally acceptable, even admirable, to murder the child. They are encouraged by organizations like Planned Parenthood to "do what is right in your own eyes." I'm sure these women must be thinking, "If murdering my child while it is still in the womb is the 'right thing to do', then why isn't murdering my two or three year old NOT the right thing to do? The reasons for both atrocities are the same: I can't afford kids, they are inconvenient, having them around will disrupt the plans I have for my own life.

Why do mothers kill their babies? Why are young boys being raped and abused by grown men in respectable positions? (coaches, mentors and priests) It is because our society now legitimizes sinful sexual behavior and infanticide. We have ceased searching for truth in the Holy Scriptures and now accept what is promoted by the American Psychological Association and Planned Parenthood as gospel truth.

We are foolishly trying to address this problem by trimming the branches on the tree of evil rather than digging our the root. We will continue to chip away at the tip of the iceberg until we recognize that this problem is very deeply rooted in the depraved soul of our society. Confession and repentance to the only One who can provide redemption is the last card we hold. We need to play it.

Women Who Kill Their Children.  By Charles Montaldo

Kevin Probst - Teaches History, Government and Apologetics at the high school level in Columbus Georgia.

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