Monday, October 4, 2010

Abortion Survivor: Gianna Jessen

The man who tried to abort her had to sign her birth certificate!! "I have aborted over a million babies and I consider it my passion". The Born-Alive Infant Protection Act was not around to save her.  George W. Bush signed the act into law in January of 2002.


  1. This is so powerful! How many of us take our life, or other people's life, for granted? We are created by a God who has a plan for us (Jer. 29:11) Not only that but why do we complain and gripe over simple things? The Lord gave us LIFE! How many times do we look at life as a blessing? Not nearly as often as we should. This makes me realize why people thank God for "another day"...because its another day to live for Him, to declare HIS name, to be taught, to learn, and to further the Kingdom for His glory!

    We all have 'limps' like she does, probably not physically limps, but a character limp, or a faith limp...whatever areas we 'limp' in she encourages and challenges us to not take life for granted and to press on despite our limps. I praise God she is here today and was able to embrace the limp and use it for God's glory.

  2. she is a very Godly woman and greatful for being alive today !she should have died but God had a purpose for her life so He let her live and because of this she could give her testimony on abortion.

  3. Apparently this woman survived from a tragic abortion. An abortion is the extermination of an unborn baby and she was the baby that was unwanted by her mother. There is a reason that this woman is alive today and there are many unprecedented events still to take place.

  4. She is a blessing from God. Everyone thought that she would be born dead, but God had a plan for her life and decided that she would have a big impact on many lives today. There is a reason that she was a survivor from the abortion, and it wasn't just an accident.

    When she was born living, they didn't have to let her live. The doctor must have felt some need to keep her alive, or she would have been killed just as in any other circumstance. She isn't perfect because of what she went through, but no one really is. She is put on this earth for a reason, just like everyone else.