Wednesday, August 4, 2010

They couldn't possibly"feel our pain".

They couldn’t possibly “feel our pain”.

There are reports that we are now in recovery but one never knows anymore whether he is being told the truth or whether the information he receives is just some political sound bite that is expedient for the benefit of a politician or political party.

Two of every ten Americans are now unemployed or seriously under-employed. I see many people in my own community who are suffering because of layoffs and lack of income. Meanwhile, members of the American aristocracy seem to be above the pain of economic recession.

John Kerry just spent $7 million dollars on a new yacht. He harbors his new toy in Rhode Island where he doesn’t have to pay taxes. He had it built in New Zealand instead of New England. Mr. Kerry, why not give American citizens the opportunity to make some money building your boat? I’m not familiar with the art of building boats but I hear that the mates in New England are second to none when it comes to building a sea going vessel.

I have no daughters so I’ve never experienced the expense of paying for a daughter’s wedding. Bill Clinton just shelled out $5 million for his daughter, Chelsea, to get married. I don’t begrudge the Clintons’ effort to make their daughter happy. If she needs a $5 million dollar wedding to make her happy, go for it.

I guess what I resent is a bunch of ruling class, aristocratic politicians constantly telling middle and lower class America that they “feel our pain.” As my mother would often say, “That’s a bunch of bunk.” This condescending and sometimes hypocritical approach is shared by some who are Democrats as well as Republicans. Some of these incorrigible politicians are actually benefiting from the pain of their constituents.

If you really “feel our pain” then don’t just say it, act like it. Start passing legislation that will benefit the masses rather than get you re-elected or keep your party in power.

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