Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Serpent Approaches

A Serpent Approaches

An Austrian born German politician made some wild and unbelievable declarations in the 1930’s. He said he wanted to control Germany, take over all of Europe, form a perfect Aryan race and destroy the Jews. No one took him seriously. He was just another nut case. Countries and persons could have intervened but they ignored him until it was too late. Britain’s Prime Minister Chamberlain sacrificed Czechoslovakia to appease the mad man. Hitler was enraged about the Munich Agreement and was determined to have his war. Because they appeased him instead of stopping him 60 million lives were lost in World War II.

Roll the calendar to the year 2010. Wasn’t it Churchill who said, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” There is a mad man making wild and unbelievable declarations. His goal is to develop nuclear weapons and has openly declared he will destroy the Jewish nation. His hatred for the “Great Satan”, the United States and all of western civilization is alarming. We can take him seriously and stop him before it is too late or we can take the Chamberlain approach of appeasement as President Obama seems willing to do which Ahmadinejad will interpret as great weakness. We ignore Iran’s Ahmadinejad at our own peril.

We are encouraged by our politically correct leaders to believe that Islam is a religion of peace. Who would disagree that there are millions of Muslims who desire to live in peace? But their religion is NOT a religion of peace. Their Koran declares that Christians and infidels must be destroyed if they do not convert to Islam. If Islam is a peaceful religion, why did Mohammed engage in 47 battles? He was a man of the sword, a man who shed much blood. If Islam is a religion of peace, why did they fly airplanes into the Twin Towers and kill 3,000 innocent people? Consider the historical Islamic leaders: Saddam Hussein, Khomeini, Ghadafi, Idi Amin, Yasser Arafat. These are not men of peace!

Why is there no freedom of speech in Islamic countries? Christians are persecuted if they express their opinions about Christianity. Why was there not one country who expressed disgust with the actions of the radical terrorists after 9/11? Instead, there were celebrations in the streets of many Islamic countries. Is it because they dare not refute their own Koran?

Muslims want to take over the world for Allah. They are directed to do so in their Koran. There are two methods they use to do this. One is fatah or cultural invasion and infiltration. They change a culture non-violently from the inside out. France is a good example of how well this works. It is projected that France will be 50% Muslim in 20 more years and 89% Muslim by 2040. Those who live in Islamic ghettos in London protest loudly when they must submit to English common law instead of their own Shariah Law which allows for certain ‘honor killings’ in Muslim families.

A second method of conquering the world for Islam is Jihad, picking up the sword and instigating a holy war. These religious warriors do not respond to appeasement. I heard PC wimps declare after 9/11 that the reason they attacked us was because they were envious of our wealth. If we would be willing to redistribute our wealth among the poorer Islamic nations all would be well. Wealth doesn’t change religious conviction. They don’t want welfare and they don’t want political compromise. They want us to convert to Islam or they want our heads!

Ahmadinejad is so fanatical because he feels a religious conviction for what he is doing. He pictures himself as a sort of John the Baptist, a forerunner of the Islamic messiah yet to come, the 12th Imam. The great hope of the Islamic people is to create fitnah, or collision and disorder within western society. This 12th Imam cannot appear until a state of chaos exists in the present world. Ahmadinejad believes he has been chosen to create that chaos. A quick memo to President Obama, sanctions will not dampen his religious fervor. He will only respond to a heavy fist.

(8:39) "And fight with them until there is no more sedition (fitnah) and religion should be only for Allah" from the Koran.

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