Monday, July 13, 2009

Talented, yes, but no hero.

Chet Atkins stood up at Elvis Presley's funeral and made a statement for the world to hear, "We want to celebrate this white man - he belongs to us - and we shared him." If it sounds ridiculous its because it is. It never happened.But, Jamie Foxx did stand up at Michael Jackson's funeral and make this statement to the watching world, "We want to celebrate this black man - he belongs to us - and we shared him." Does it sound ridiculous. It should. Does it sound racist? It does to me.
The Jackson family chose Al Sharpton, known race hustler, to be their spokesman. This man makes a living fanning the flames of racism. It seems so ironic that Sharpton, Foxx and others want to capitalize on Michael's race when Michael did everything he could to disfigure himself and cover his African-American lineage. As usual, Al Sharpton is not about Michael Jackson, he is about Al Sharpton. There's money to be made if he can play his cards right and stir up enough racism. While we count daily real heroes who die in Iraq and Afghanistan, Sharpton has suggested we commemorate MJ by putting his face on a postage stamp!

Sharpton addressed Michael Jackson's children at the funeral, "Michael taught the world how to love. There wasn't nothin' strange about your daddy, it was strange what your daddy had to deal with." He didn't put in in exact words but I'm sure he was referring to some sort of covert racism.

Michael Jackson was a man of phenomal talent that deserves recognition. But he was no hero. I don't want a man who revealed in a British interview that he thought there was nothing wrong with sleeping in the same bed with children to be hero to my child. I don't want a man who was accused of child sexual abuse by one family and who bought off another family to be hero to my child. I don't want a man who had an unnatural public obsession with his groin to be hero to my child. I don't want my son to have worshipful admiration for a man so troubled he committed himself to self-mutulation, so troubled he dangled his infant child from a Berlin balcony.

How unnatural and troubling that Michael Jackson would choose attractive white men as sperm donors and a white female to produce children for himself. Is that a biological, psychological or spiritual problem??This is the man Sheila Jackson, Democratic representative from Texas, wants to officailly proclaim "an American legend, musical icon, and world humanitarian...someone who will be honoered forever, forever, forever....and ever.

American's who have chosen Michael Jackson as a hero are hiding everything about what was wrong with Michael but they reveal a whole lot about what's wrong with America.


  1. While a concur he is no hero, I would really like to understand what the goal of this blog is. You fire at Al Sharpton atleast three times, which I support you for; however, I cannot truly understand whether you are against racism, michael's lifestyle, or his newfound fame. It is just slightly unclear.

    I agree that the amount a racism in America today is deplorable. I also feel that you understand it is not the "black" man who is the victim, but the "white" man who falls prey to petty stereotypes. Sayings such as, "White boys can't jump, White people can't dance," and a personal favorite, "White people can't say 'nigger,' only black people."

    Michael's sexual issues came from his sexual abuse all through his childhood. This doesn't excuse his actions but perhaps you could offer some insight into the ab use that came from not only his father, but his brothers too.

    I certainly condemn the making famous of michael, in death. The idiocity in the statements of Al Sharpton and other present celebrities are definitely not something that i agree with or support.

    I believe that michael jackson was a genius as a musician, and pop star, but he is not an idol, or hero. So all in all i agree just making sure i got everything clear.

  2. I am disturbed that the media and millions of Americans would make a hero of Michael Jackson after his death. I don't think he demonstrated the kind of morals that qualify him to be hero to the youth of America. I'm not necessarily picking on him, it is my opinion that most of America's heroes are not necessarily moral leaders. A true hero to me is one with a strong ethical standard who will lead others along the same path.